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A Story of Machines and Architecture

“Unlike many such books on design, Shepheard’s is accessible and entertaining.”
Will Yandik, Architectural Record

“Shepheard is that very rare thing – an architect who can write, beautifully.”
Tom Dyckhoff, London Times

“Shepheard seamlessly meshes Shakespeare, Greek mythology, the tale of the origins of Islam and stories from his own life.”
Liz Bailey, The Architects’ Journal

“A book that challenges the reader to reconsider deeply his relationship to the built world.”

“A whopper, hash browns, and a chocolate shake’ (slogan of defiance)… If you loved S, M, L, XL, you’ll want this club sandwich of a book, in which Shepheard follows Rem Kolhaas and Reyner Banham where even they have not dared to go. Paul Shepheard is once again hard at work defining architecture and the built, or functioning, environment, all sodium-lit with blotches of turquoise-ridden Texas sunsets!”
David B. Stewart, Tokyo Institute of Technology

“Half fantasy, half fact, Artificial Love is a brilliant collage of architectonics, bomb-dropping planes, robots on Mars, and video car games. Shepheard propels us into a landscape of careening technologies, revealing the deep techno-emotional bonds that define our lives.”
Larry Wayne Richards, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto

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